The Appifier Team

Who keeps the appifier Machine running?


Jay Shapiro

Jay Shapiro
Tribal Head of the Humans: Global Adventurer, Philanthropist, Internet Pioneer, All around nice guy.

Jay is what you might call a juggler. (he prefers to think of himself as a renaissance man, but that's just his opinion) As one of the early pioneers of the Internet Marketing industry in Asia, Jay founded BLUE in Singapore growing that business from a small startup to a global digital and data-driven marketing services company with clients and offices spread across 3 continents. Forward Thinking... He then went on to co-found a non-profit called The Muskoka Foundation, that facilitates over 100 global adventurers to travel the world doing volunteer work in remote schools and orphanages.In his spare time he designed and built The EcoRoamer, the world's first carbon-neutral-family-sized-4WD-Expedition-Vehicle that he is dragging his wife and two kids around the planet in. As a hobby, Jay likes to create mobile start-ups that revolutionize the social networking space.

David Hoare

David Hoare
Human Overlord of the Coders: If you're going to get stuck in the jungles of Borneo with someone, you'll want to be sure it's David.

Remember that kid in high school? The one who was good at EVERYTHING? That's David. He is the MacGyver of Internet start-ups. He can play any musical instrument just by listening to it once. He can build you an award-winning back deck (been there done that). He can teach a room full of troubled youths in a prison (yup, done that too). He can single-handedly create a new Internet Startup to help teachers around the world connect online with their students. Then, in his spare time he'll even volunteer as the Technical Director for a non-profit off-broadway theater troupe in their production about violence against girls in the Congo. Oh, and just for fun, he can lead a team of Dusky Leaf Monkey developers to create the coolest new mobile content app platform in the world. ...then he'll go for lunch. Don't you just hate him?

Dane Johnson

Dane Johnson
Human Overlord of the Designers: You wouldn't want to meet Dane in a dark alleyway - he'd probably recruit you for a focus group.

Content is just one's and zero's if you can't make it intelligible and usable. That's where Dane comes in. As a leader in HCI (human computer interfaces), and the emerging field of MCI (monkey computer interfaces), Dane helps make the millions of pieces of content that we aggregate somehow meaningful. As a former: interactive designer / studio engineer / sitar player, Dane bridges many chasms that you or I wouldn't want to even go near.

The Team

  • Alice Gugelev
  • Pong Siew Inn
  • Karlos Braggs
  • Rhonda Allen
  • Paloma Furones
  • Nicole Ratcliff
  • Amanda Shen


  • Doug Hackney
  • Niren Hiro
  • Zephrin Lasker
  • Dan Scholnick
  • Andy Scott
  • Mark Uhrmacher
  • Mark Vange