You need an app to promote your company. Believe it.

Mobile apps are rapidly evolving marketing tools you want in your arsenal. Anyone with a mobile device uses apps to access media (89%) or surf the web to find what they need (11%), according to the latest study by Nielsen. This accounted for the surge of app usage in 2013, and information technology research and advisory firm Gartner Inc predicts that people will download mobile apps in excess of 268 billion times to generate worldwide revenues of $77 billion by 2017. With the fierce competition for user attention, you need a mobile app so you can evolve with what your customers are doing and how they are accessing information.

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Why Choose Us?

You want us because we are the best at what we do. Appifier is the Mobile App Builder of choice in Canada, and we have just recently become a part of the AppMakr family. To date, we already have 2 million apps built on our platform, and counting. We are justifiably proud of this accomplishment because of our size. Compared to the biggest, world-recognized brands, we are the little guy.

AppMakr is a family of totally cloud-based companies, and Appifier is now a part of it. We have no physical office address, and our more than 60 employees gather around a virtual water cooler spanning six continents. We use Google Hangouts, oDesk, Indiegrove, and Trello to check in and connect to get the work done wherever we happen to be.

We offer Appifier in both French and English in deference to the Canadian market, but we set no limits to the talent we acquire. As we exist entirely in the cloud, we have employees from all over the world. We can pick and choose among the best anywhere, and not just the best nearby. Our co-founder and COO lives in Cobourg, Canada as well as those in Spain, Bulgaria, Egypt, Thailand, Mexico, and India. Our distributed organization model lets us work with people that would otherwise not cross our path professionally.

It is good to know that the money we make goes back to the people that are directly responsible for our success instead of on office space that ultimately has no bearing on performance excellence and service delivery. We use the funds we have to reward our employees, and to provide our customers with support in 15 languages.

We love feedback

Why do we Value Customer Feedback?

We listen to our customers. We know that we can make changes that are more effective, and improvements and updates that are more relevant when we go straight to those who matter.

We asked our publishers how we could improve our service. Their feedback was they hated the ads that popped up in apps built on the “freemium” model. In response, we removed the free basic version of the platform and offered them an ad-free “App Basics” plan at $1 a month moving forward. We reasoned that a publisher who did not value their work enough to pay $1 a month is not serious about delivering a good product anyway. This new plan does not affect existing apps in any way; those built on the freemium plan will continue to be free - forever. All other paid plans will also not be affected.

However, publishers that choose to run ads on their apps can do so. We will continue to support ad networks such as Millennial Media, inMobi, and AdMobi. Unlike our competition, we have no interest in any ad revenues of our publishers. We pass them 100% directly to the publisher.

But that is not the end of it.

We are always looking for ways to improve. We are constantly adding new design options, customization, features, and security upgrades. We firmly believe that DIY mobile apps can be as sleek, awesome, and unique as any customized app made by a developer. It all depends on the power of the platform. The apps built on our platform show that it is possible for someone with no technical or coding experience to come up with a perfectly functional app with cool features.

For example, we added private Live Chat Rooms to the customization option so that publishers can choose to allow their users to engage in closed and secure group chats. We are also privileged to be the first app maker worldwide to include phishing and malware protection in native apps, a product of our alliance with MetaCert.

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How do we pay it back?

We could not have come so far without support from the community, so it is our privilege to support it in turn. We currently offer hands-on training workshops through a middle and high school education program called the Mobile App curriculum. It includes technology-based lesson plans for the interactive learner. Educators simply download the free program from this site to teach students the principles of app making and marketing.

What distinguishes us from the others?

Our competitors love to make their developers wait for their accounts to be activated and their apps approved. We don’t do that. With the Appifier platform, you can get started creating your app within minutes of joining us, and you don’t even have to know anything about writing code for the various mobile platforms. You can make mobile web sites using HTML5 or native apps using Appifier by simply dragging and dropping the elements and functionality you want on your workspace. Appifier is so user-friendly your app could be up and running in as little as 20 minutes!

You can choose to make money from your app. Appifier also lets you slot in ads to boost your revenues if you want, but it is entirely up to you. Your app will run without ads if you want. You can choose instead to charge for each download. Or not. Like we said, it is up to you.

Appifier was founded in 2011 by Steve Panetta and Mike Gozzo in Montreal. It was made possible with funds from the Business Development Bank of Canada. It was bought in 2014 by good friends David Hoare and Jay Shapiro. Their aim was to build on the success of US-focused AppMakr and the global Infinite Monkeys in Canada.

Appifier is changing the Mobile App Economy. You can find out all about how by going to Feel free to send us an email if you have questions, and we will do our best to give you the right answers.